Please, provide a quote to supply 12 off enclosures to below specification with indication of price and lead time.
(a)    A wall mounted 1400H 800W 300D double door enclosure with door useable space over/around 300mm on each door. Provide a drawing/sketch for back of the doors.
(b)      The cabinets to be constructed with a minimum of 1.6mm zinc coated mild sheet steel free from rust and blemishes.
(e)      Designed with hinged double doors, (maximum 400mm wide for each door), enclosures shall be provided with front access only unless otherwise specified. Door opening to be >90 degrees.
(f)       Each door shall be equipped with a comfortable lock handle with a button insert suitable for future replacement with a key barrel cylinder insert. Three-point locking mechanism shall be used for each door.
(g)      The enclosures and ancillary equipment (seals, rods etc.) shall be designed to have a minimum design life of 30 years commencing on the first day of commercial operation of the Project in July 2019
(h)      The corrosion protection and paint finish of all supplied equipment shall have a guarantee/warranty period of minimum 35 years.
(i)        The Subcontractor shall provide a specification detailing the preparation and painting of the Subcontract Works for approval by the Company.
(j)        The enclosures shall be powder coated in accordance with AS 4506. Each powder coated surface shall have a minimum dry film thickness of 60 microns.
(k)      Outside surfaces of the cubicle shall be painted storm grey, colour No. N42 in accordance with AS 2700, in textured powder coat.   The inside surfaces, except gear plate, shall be painted white, colour No. N14 in accordance with AS 2700, in smooth powder coat.
(i)           Gear plates should be un-lacquered, non-passivated, electrically conductive, zinc and aluminium plated or galvanised steel plate (rather than painted) and be electrically bonded to the cabinet at every mounting point (e.g.: using spikey star washers or equivalent to ensure a good lifetime bond)
(l)        All paintwork shall be free of blemishes such as thin or uncoated areas, runs, overspray, scratches and roughness.
(m)    Sufficient air-dry touch-up paint for the complete order shall be provided and shipped with the first delivery of cabinets.
(n)      All compartments shall be ingress protected to IP42 or higher.
(o)      Document storage pocket located on the inside of the front left door of each cabinet.
(p)      Gland plates shall be minimum 3mm thick brass or aluminium and shall be electrically bonded to the cabinet at every set screw.
(q)      Ambient conditions per table below
Maximum ambient temperature 45°C
Relative humidity <100%
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