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November 2017

(Industry) Machine Tool Import Statistics - DECEMBER Import Stats are in!
AMTIL have been disseminating Australian machine tool import statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics for some years. We have been able to consolidate the years from 2007 to now. AMTIL members can log in to our website and download

(Opportunity) Simple tube and sheet job Client is looking for someone to take their simple design to manufacture. Start-up demand determines volumes will be in the low hundreds moving toward higher numbers as the business establishes itself. Read more

(Opportunity) Defence Land 400 Phase 2 Briefing If you are in the defence space or wish to explore the options this is an information session you can’t miss. LAND 400 will acquire and support the next generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV). Information sessions held in Victoria (12th Feb) and New South Wales (14th Feb). Read more

(Workplace) Do you have growing pains As our businesses grow and become more prosperous we often start to experience pain points in different areas of the company. We need to learn to let go and acquire new managerial skills and empower people to do things we may or may not have the ability or skills for. Read more

(Networking) Take advantage of AMTIL’s upcoming Events!
AMTIL continues to build a solid framework of events for you to take advantage of. So don’t wait until tomorrow. Get onto our website now and register for one or more events, there are plenty of excellent value to choose from. For all information click through to the website HERE.

(Opportunity)  Work packages are available AMTIL has been an advocate for the Industry Capability Network (ICN) for many years and over that time we have seen a move toward breaking down some of the major projects into work packages our Australian SME’s can handle. Read more