It’s all about you - Business Management

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP) is a Commonwealth Government flagship initiative focused on raising the competitiveness and productivity of eligible companies at an individual level.

The programme forms a part of the Australian Government’s Economic Action Strategy and will deploy over 100 experienced Advisers and Facilitators, offering support to businesses through three key elements:
1. Business Management
2. Innovation Connections
3. Accelerating Commercialisation

To run a successful business, it’s not enough to have a great product or service. You also need to understand your challenges and continually identify and leverage growth opportunities to improve your business performance. This is where the Entrepreneurs’ Programme can help. 

The Business Management element of the programme provides practical support to help businesses improve and grow through strong, sustainable strategic business management and business capability.

EP’s Business Management offers:
* On-site support from an industry specialist Adviser or Facilitator who will give you objective insight and recommendations to help you improve and grow your business.
* Funding through matched grants of up to $20,000 to implement practical activities focused on supporting your business growth.
* Introductions to business networks, access to government services, and specialist assistance for business growth and supply chain projects.

Plus depending on the results of the Business Evaluation, the company may be:
* given recommendations, and be eligible for funding, to  improve your business and maximise opportunities;
* introduced to relevant scientific researchers through Research Connections;
* given advice and/or financial assistance to rapidly commercialise a new product under Accelerating Commercialisation.

Every business has different needs. To find out what the Entrepreneurs’ Programme can do for you, phone 13 28 46 or visit or contact Greg Chalker 03 9800 3666