Dr Steve Dowey
     Sutton Tools Technology Manager and RMIT
     Senior Research Fellow

     Presentation:The Smart-Enough Factory: Realising a
     Low Cost IoT Solution For Factory Visualisation

Dr Dowey is the Technology Manager at Sutton Tools and a Senior Research Fellow at RMIT University working with the Australian Defence Materials Technology Centre. After serving in the Royal Air Force he gained a BEng and PhD from Hull University and worked with SCADA, PVD coating and associated equipment development for cutting tool and semi-conductor applications.
His current projects include ‘Additive Manufactured Tooling’, ‘Tooling for Robotic Applications’ and applied ‘Industry IoT’ in collaboration with DMTC.

Dr Dowey’s Industry 4.0 focus is on the ‘The Smart Enough Factory’, where the issues of legacy systems (cost), security and STEM skills are addressed to ensure the benefits of Industry 4.0 can reach the Australian SME.

Session Overview
Sutton Tools has been on a digital journey for a few years now.  It started with collaboration software used across multiple sites, then the building of a data store with RAD software and then the addition of web services for business to business system connection, and now, with the addition of ‘tech’ hardware and more RAD software we have prototyped and deployed a low cost IoT Solution for Factory Visualisation.  Sutton Tools followed lean principles and created a web based Production Analysis Board to display data gathered by a sensor network overlayed onto their legacy machines.  The presentation will highlight parts of that journey and give a practical demonstration of the system at Sutton Tools.