Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who is AMTIL?
Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is the peak national body, based in Melbourne Australia, that represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. To learn more read Who Is.

2.  How do I become a member?
To become a member of AMTIL you will need to fill in the Membership Form and fax to AMTIL head office on 03 9800 3436 or if you are unsure which level of membership is appropriate for you please contact Greg Chalker, Corporate Services Manager on 03 9800 3666 or email

3.  Can I be a member of AMTIL if I live overseas?
You can join as a member of AMTIL at the Associate Member level. For more information read the Associate Member information or contact Greg Chalker, Corporate Services Manager on 03 9800 3666 or email

4. How do I become a Member Service provider?
A Member Service provider delivers services to our members that assist with their day to day business activities. For more information contact Greg Chalker for more information 03 9800 3666 or email

5. How can I get a copy of AMT Magazine?
If you would like to recieve regular copies of AMT Magazine, subscribe by becoming an Associate Member. Fill in the attached Membership Form and fax to head office on 03 9800 3436. If you would like some previous editions of AMT contact Julie Lovemore on 03 9800 3666 or email

6. How do I advertise in AMT?
If you would like to advertise in AMT please read all the information in the AMT Media Kit or contact Anne Samuelsson, Sales Manager AMT on 03 9800 3666 or email 

7. How do I get my business listed within the directory on ManufactureLink?
To be listed on ManufactureLink you need to be a member of AMTIL, either a Manufacturing Technology Supplier Member of a Manufacturing Technology User Member. For more information read the ManufactureLink content on this site visit