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Welcome to Austech.
AMTIL is the proud owner and organiser of Austech, Australia's premier Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool Exhibition.

Austech is the only show specifically targeted at the metalworking, machine tool and ancillary market held in Australia.
Austech covers the key areas of machine tool and sheet metal working including:
* CNC machining centres: horizontal and vertical machining centres.
* Turning machines: CNC lathes, automatic lathes.
* Sheetmetal: forming, bending, punching, shearing equipment.
* Special purpose machines: grinding, broaching, boring, milling, waterjet cutters.
* Laser equipment: laser profiling, laser cutting, marking and engraving.
* Ancillary equipment: cutting fluids, finishing, coatings, robots, cad-cam software.
* Additive Manufacturing Pavilion
* Inspection, Measurement, Metrology
* Quality Systems
* Reverse Engineering
* Digitalisation (Industry 4.0) Pavilion
* Manufacturers Pavilion

Austech provides a comprehensive exhibition which attracts thousands of visitors.
The next Austech Exhibition will take place in May, 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Exhibitor Directory

Find all the exhibitors at Austech and the Manufacturers Pavilion.
View the latest floorplan here


                Exhibitor       Pavilion    Stand No.
  3D Printing Systems Additive Manufacturing Pavilion  D01
ABB Australia Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 729
  Accurpress Australia Main Austech 527
Acra Machinery Main Austech 635
Alfex CNC Australia Pty Ltd Main Austech 610
  Allure Industries Main Austech 651
Amada Oceania Main Austech 700 & 730
Amaero Engineering Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D28
AMTIL Manufacturers Pavilion M50
ANCA Manufacturers Pavilion MS25
ANCA Motion Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS25
Andrew Donald Design Engineers  Manufacturers Pavilion MS18
Applied Machinery Australia Main Austech 750
  Aurora Labs Ltd Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D02
  Ausee Pty Ltd Main Austech 621
  Australian Financial Security Authority Manufacturers Pavilion P12
Autodesk Digitalisation Pavilion 875
Avian Granulator Main Austech 822
  Balluff Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 727 & 541
Barden Fabrications Manufacturers Pavilion MS30
  Beijing HBS Science & Technology Development Co Ltd Main Austech 658
Benson Machines Pty Ltd Main Austech 660
  Bilby 3D Pty Ltd Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D08
  Blaser Swisslube/Merlion Main Austech 723
Bolts & Industrial Supplies Main Austech     518
  Bomar spol. sro, Main Austech 755
Bystronic Australia Pty Ltd Main Austech 530
Camco Cutting Tools International Pty Ltd Main Austech 830
  Camtek Pacific Main Austech 653
  Capital Equipment Machinery Sales Main Austech 521
Capral Aluminium Manufacturers Pavilion MS20
Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd Main Austech 502
Catten Industries Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion P07
  ChinaSavvy HK Ltd Main Austech 657
  Choice Energy Main Austech W11
CMTS Sheetmetal Machines Main Austech 580b
  CV PROTOTYP s.r.o Main Austech 755
  Czech Trade Australia Main Austech 755
  DAV/FES Main Austech 526
Davis & Jenkins Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion P18
Delahenty Machinery PTY LTD Main Austech 738
  Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Manufacturers Pavilion MS02
Deratech Industries BVBA Main Austech 580a
Dimac Tooling Pty Ltd Main Austech 578
DMG MORI Main Austech 634
  DoneCNC Overseas Development Co., Ltd Main Austech 722
EIF International Main Austech 832
E J Hadaway Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS08
  Engineered Tooling P/L Main Austech 656
  ePOL Main Austech 724
  ESPRIT CAM Software Main Austech 721
Euromac Australia Main Austech 652
  evok3d/HP Jet Fusion 3D Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D40
  ExOne Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D27
  Faccin S.p.A Main Austech 622
  FERMAT CZ, S.R.O Main Austech 755
Festo Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 759
  Fisher Lamco Main Austech 519
  Fladder Danmark A/S Main Austech 732
Gasgep Industries Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion P14
Gravotech Main Austech 820
Guhring Main Austech 581
  Gunna Engineering Manufacturers Pavilion P11
GWB Machine Tools Main Austech 670
  Haas Automation Main Austech 612
Hare & Forbes Machinery House Main Austech 536, 558 & 560
Harrop Engineering Australia Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS27
Headland Machinery Pty Ltd Main Austech 555
HG Farley Laserlab Pty Ltd Main Austech 528
Hi-Tech Metrology Pty Ltd Main Austech 685
Houghton Australia Main Austech W02
HS CNC Machines Pty Ltd Main Austech 697
  Imaginables Pty Ltd Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D37
Impact Machinery Main Austech 855
IMTS Laser Main Austech 725
Industrial Laser Main Austech 500 & 501
  Industrial Tool & Machinery Sales    Main Austech 699
  Industry Capability Network Manufacturers Pavilion MS14
Integra Systems Manufacturers Pavilion P17
  ipLaser Main Austech 542
  ITEQ Vietnam Co., Ltd (sheet metal work) Main Austech 625a
JBO Engineering Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion P08
  Ji Nan Bodor CNC Machine CO., LTD. Main Austech 575
John Hart Pty Ltd Main Austech 650
KAESER Compressors Australia Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 870
  Kinetic Engineering Design Ltd Main Austech 630
  Konica Minolta Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D10
  KUKA Robotics Australia Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 757
Laser 3D Main Austech 525
  Leabourn & Rose Pty Ltd Main Austech 825
LEAP Australia Pty Ltd Main Austech 626
Lightwave Technology Main Austech 735
Livetools Pty Ltd Main Austech 628
  Lucassen Precision Asia CO., LTD Main Austech 625b
Machinery Forum VIC Pty Ltd Main Austech 733
  Machines 4U Main Austech 690
  Makerbot (Alloys) Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D39
Mastercut Technologies Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS36
  Mate Tooling Australia Main Austech 623
  Met Optix/ 3D Scan & Print Main Austech 810
Modern Tools (VIC) Pty Ltd Main Austech 512
MTI Qualos Pty Ltd Main Austech 624
Multicam Systems Pty Ltd Main Austech 520
NC CADCAM SYSTEMS Main Austech 752
Nichol Industries Pty Ltd Main Austech 539
Objective 3D Pty Ltd Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D30
Okuma Australia Main Austech 675 & 680
OMAX - Headland Machinery Main Austech 555
OneCNC Main Austech 538
  Oritech Main Austech 698
  PACCAR Australia Manufacturers Pavilion M50
Pacific Gas Pty Ltd Main Austech 861
Parish Engineering Co. Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion P13
  Peddinghaus Corporation Main Austech 855
  Pilz Digitalisation Pavilion 756
Power Machinery Main Austech 505
Precision Specialty Tooling Main Austech 662
Punchtech Main Austech 832
  Qumac Engineering Services Pty Ltd Main Austech 697
Radius Benders Pty Ltd Main Austech 540
Rae-Line Pty Ltd Manufactures Pavilion MS16
  Raise 3D Additive manufacturing D26
RAM3D (Rapid Advanced Manufacturing) Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D05
Raxo Machine Tools Pty Ltd Main Austech 692
Raymax Applications Pty Ltd & SLM Solutions Group AG Main Austech 740
Recruit Australia Main Austech 654
Renishaw Oceania Pty Ltd Main Austech 800
RMIT University Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D04
Romar Engineering Manufacturers Pavilion MS13
Romheld Automation Pty Ltd Main Austech 640
Ron Mack Machinery Main Austech W10
  Scan-xpress Additive Manufacturing Pavilion W09
  Schneeberger GmbH Main Austech 695
Shearform Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS10
Sheetmetal Machinery Australia Pty Ltd Main Austech 710
Sheetmetal Tooling Tech Pty Ltd Main Austech 734
Sick Pty Ltd Digitalisation Pavilion 872
SigmaTEK Pty Ltd Main Austech 537
SNC Solutions Pty Ltd Main Austech 653
SOCO - Headland Machinery Main Austech 529
SolidCAM ANZ Main Austech 687
Stamac Engineering Main Austech 605
  Suhner Pty Ltd Main Austech 641
Sutton Tools Main Austech 620
SWI Engineering Main Austech 705
  Team Swinburne Formula SAE Main Austech 860
Techni Waterjet Pty Ltd Main Austech 573
  Thales Manufacturers Pavilion M50
  Thermacut Group Main Austech 755
  Thinglab Additive Manufacturing Pavilion D06
  Thyssenkrupp Materials Australia Manufacturers Pavilion MS38
Toolprocure Australia Main Austech 655
TRJ Engineering Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS33
TXM Lean Solutions Main Austech 503
Ultimate Laser Pty Ltd Manufacturers Pavilion MS31
  WASProject Australia Additive Manufacturers Pavilion D38
  White Industries Manufacturers Pavilion MS37
  Whitehall Workplace Law Main Austech W03
  Wickman Machine Tools Main Austech 579
William Buck Main Austech W04
  Zeal 3D Printing Additive Manufacturers Pavilion W06
  Zenith Tecnica Ltd Additive Manufacturing Pavilion W09