Frank Wyatt
Managing Director
Executive Accelerators

Frank Wyatt is a nationally recognized change agent bringing together teams of expertise and excellence to drive growth through innovation, leadership, collaboration and strategy in businesses and industry organisations.
Frank is founder or co-founder of several companies and is presently Managing Director of Enterprising Partnerships, Icon Principle and Executive Accelerators.
Frank has worked in many countries with companies and Industry organisations in leading change including working in several regions around Australia in enabling companies to become more knowledge intensive. He has presented at numerous national and international conferences on collaborative innovation led growth. Frank has worked with national and International Centres of Excellence and has held Adjunct Associate Professorships in Australia, co-authored several national research studies and reports and consulted in many countries as well as being a former Director of the Australian Business Foundation.
Frank facilitates medium sized company Business Leader Roundtables focused on innovation, leadership and collaboration leading business strategy and enjoys working with companies as they face the inevitability of change.
He specialises in galvanizing ‘thought leadership’, provides executive leadership and coaching support, and organisational change processes facilitating workshops in innovative leadership for small, medium and large companies in the Defence, Wine, Water, Energy and Resources Industries, as well as Universities, Research Institutes, CRC’s and CSIRO both in Australia and internationally.
Frank focuses on galvanizing the leadership capability of individuals and teams assisting them to recognise and leverage opportunities from their potential to create flexibility, adaptability, responsiveness and accountability in changing their organisational culture.