Christian Larsen
Minerals Supplier Advocate
Australian Government

Mr Christian Larsen has been appointed as the first Industrial, Precious and Speciality Minerals Supplier Advocate (Minerals Supplier Advocate). The role of the Minerals Supplier Advocate is to champion and lead industry initiatives aimed at providing leadership and support to current and potential suppliers of industrial, precious and speciality minerals projects, both in Australia and abroad. Mr Larsen’s appointment forms part of the implementation of the Australian Government’s Buy Australian at Home and Abroad (Buy Australian) initiative.

Mr Larsen has over 25 years experience of successfully extending, growing and commercialising service and technology offerings within the resources sector. Throughout his career, including Executive Director at Runge Ltd (a global mining software and mine consulting services provider), Mr Larsen has acquired extensive managerial experience, identified new business opportunities and has a sound understanding of global supply chains and markets.

Mr Larsen has long been a passionate advocate for his industry and has experience representing their views in a government role. For example, Mr Larsen was a valued contributor to the then Commonwealth Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources’ Mining Technology Services Action Agenda (2003) and the Queensland Government ICT Ministerial Advisory Group (2008).

Through the Buy Australian initiative, the Minerals Supplier Advocate provides an important leadership role in implementing and promoting supply chain development activities. Along with other Resources Sector Supplier Advocates, Mr Larsen works closely with Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) providers and their representatives to support a highly adaptive, innovative and successful Australian industry which is essential for capitalising on opportunities both domestically and internationally.

Buy Australian builds on and works closely with existing industry and government initiatives and programs, such as Austrade, EFIC, Enterprise Connect, the Industry Capability Network and the Australian Industry Participation National Framework.